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Substantial customer benefits

Harbour with loading crane

Best quality meat for a reasonable price

Frostmeat is a specialist importer of meat. While other suppliers offer a wide range of products we prefer to concentrate on this segment and are therefore difficult to beat in terms of price, quality and flexibility.

Meat from renownded locations

The best meat is found in remote regions such as with South American beef or New Zealand lamb. We are well familiar with those areas. Our specialists in the region observe, monitor and research the current market trends. Customers benefit from this directly. Frostmeat is your local partner with direct representation in the best countries of origin for meat.

Trcuk from Hamburg-Süd

Long distances involve a risk

There a two factors to consider. Firstly, in the import business payment is made before the goods have arrived. In addition, the long transportation route is naturally also subject to a number of hazards. Frostmeat takes on these risks for its customers.

Flexible operations with quick decisions

The Frostmeat company has a lean structure. Customer relationships are characterised by efficient communication and a short decision-making process.
The business style of the company is direct and predictable which means that you receive clear answers to any questions.

Cattle running

The meat market is on the move

Those familiar with internation markets are able to anticipate trends for offers and price developments at an early stage. We help our customers to make ourchasing decisions at the right moment through the supply of reliable information. Valuable insider knowledge is the key to cost-effective purchasing.

Frostmeat is a service provider.

Apart from the actual product quality, our success is based on our employees’ long experience and willingness to help. Professional consistency in implementation and independence in the selection of the best possible producers mean that our suppliers and customers all benefit equally from our service, which includes: