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We guarantee the quality


Thorough Selection

Together, with our potential suppliers overseas, we can guarantee the finest qualities available. Our agents watch the product flow during the production, and we travel through all meat-exporting countries for quality control in order to establish this high standard of our products before they re shipped in temperature-controlled containers.

We are present upon their arrival in the first port of the European Union where official veterinarians check temperatures and the hygiene condition, and soon after a highly organized logistic management arranges the distribution to our clients under an uninterrupted cooling chain. We take pride in the fact that our customers can trace the origin of their steak bought in Germany back to the cattle in an overseas country.

Cattle in South America

Beef from South America

What European consumers want to eat, we have it. We boast South American Beef of high quality from cattle herds which have spent their entire lives in free-range conditions. They were pasture-raised and grass fed only. Part of what makes South American Beef so successful is the mild climate and the rich environment.

South American Beef has less cholesterol than any other beef in the world. It is juicy, tasty and provides a delicious enrichment to your diet. The beef cuts are produced under highly-controlled hygienic conditions and, when shipped, matures during the four week voyage to Europe, during which time the meat develops its incomparable taste and tenderness.

Sheep graze in New Zealand

Lamb from New Zealand

Sheep and cattle in New Zealand are reared on a diet of abundant green grass, and like our cattle, are free-range stock. A pasture-based diet is the natural diet for sheep and cattle. The high rainfall, rich soils and gentle climate with mild winters and long, warm summers allow animals to live outdoors all year round. Food supplements common elsewhere in the world are unnecessary in New Zealand, as grass is infinitely available. Major animal diseases are unknown in New Zealand. It's a combination of the country's geographic isolation and strict quarantine laws that have contributed to New Zealand's unique herd health record.

Never has there been a case of foot and mouth disease or BSE in New Zealand. This can be attributed to constant monitoring of livestock health by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the strict adherence to a pasture-based diet. This means that New Zealand beef and lamb products are lean, nutrient-rich and free of unwanted substances and harmful residues.